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The Flux

Soundinstallation by M4T & Kerta von Kubin

« The Flux » is a sound installation which investigates this new process ontology in its relation with the environment and urban space. 
It’s a proposal to be active in front of of our surrounding sounds, to use them, arrange them to create an universe, a language transcending the here and the now.
It’s a political and public-spirited action to reclaim our cities, our right to change and intervene on them.
A request to be conscious to be part of the public space, to decide and to actively take part in its structuring.

This piece is a mix of field recordings, electronic music and real instruments. The recordings inside the metro stations which are to hear at the beginning and at the end are the symbols of the fluidity and non-fixity, the melting of times and of times and spaces, which are sustaining our modern society.
There is no more absolute, no more here, and no more now.
Urban space is only a sequence of transitions, a succession of non-places, which quickly disappear from the mind of who passes through them.
Sounds are events arising and disappearing and human beings are part of this flux, as listeners and as makers, depositories of this process.



Hammerschlägen Die Vorlagen (1st LP, 2013)




Holy Movie.

Holy Movie is a musical and visual project by Cipher, Bacchus Blake and Kerta von Kubin, they are playing live music on movies.

Here is a trailer made for the Holy Mountain by A. Jodorowsky:


Capture d’écran 2016-04-03 à 18.36.44ok



Since 2103 I am collaborating on the project of the great musician and artist Cigùri.

Time lapsed death is a live video EP realized in 2015.





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