Il luogo del futuro

A collective exhibition at the archeological museum of Castellina in Chianti, Italy.

Limen ( in 3 parts).

Limen (Part 1) 

2019 Metal handle rubber stamp, QR Code, ink

Take the stamp, print it on the skin of your arm and scan it.Enter, through a parodic gesture, the first step of a rite of passage. The skin, used as a «quasi-prosthesis», as a component of a technologic artifact opens a redefnition of the phenomenology of perception and a diving into the first layers of depth.

Limen (Part 2) 

2019 Concrete, iron, electronic parts, audio recording

A revisited Etruscan hut-shaped urn from which a voice is coming out.  The audio recording is a reading of thoughts written during the last years, and slowly decomposing by the use of some post-production effects realised by Matteo Olivo. The voice and the memory are especially questioned and investigated as possible depository of the identity. They are failing at fulfilling this task offering only a path through fragments, demonstrating the non-identity of the self. The acousmatic voice is creating a confusion between the being and the absence, the reality and the fiction, questioning also our relation to the virtual world.

Limen (Part 3)

2019 Steel, gold leaf

Taking up the aesthetics of Etruscan ex-votos and the Greek myth of Marsyas, this flayed skin hangs on a lightning rod, indicating the cardinal direction of the missing chamber of the tumulus of Montecalvario. In the Etruscan culture people struck by lightning were not entitled to a burial. This skin, metaphor of this non-existing room, is waiting for a non-reality to arise.  As an ex-voto and conclusion of a liminal process it celebrates the impossible wish to go out of one’s own body, to have a complete detached and outside  perception.